How Do You Deal With Running A Program On Startup In Windows 8?

How Do You Deal With Running A Program On Startup In Windows 8?

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    You may find an error that indicates how the program starts on startup in Windows 8. There are different ways to solve this problem, so we will do that shortly. Open Task Manager and select the Startup tab.Open the Windows Start menu and type “Startup” to make it easier to find the program. Then choose one of the suggested options.


    In case you didn’t already know, launching applications on Windows startup has its drawbacks. First, a smartphone app can run before its dependencies are loaded and throw an error. It doesn’t happen very often, but someone needs to know that the program is definitely not true. Take a moment to start in front of his bookcases. I have to be honest – a may not happen at all in Windows 8 as I’m guessing I’ve run into such a problem, but the possibility still exists and you and your family should be aware of what’s going on. >

    Use Task Scheduler

    Start Task Scheduler. You can use IT management (details in this article) or integrate it with your custom mmc console. Press Windows key + R to create a Run panel. Type mmc and press Enter.

    Remove Programs From Startups

    In previous versions of Windows, the Startup tab in Msconfig (Microsoft System Configuration) was the end point for frequently activating and deactivating programs in Windows Startup. However, things have changed a bit in Windows 8. The component has now moved to the Task Manager. Therefore, uninstall the important program, open the Windows Task Manager, but also go to the Startup tab. Of course, there are many ways to open the Windows Task Manager. Your best bet is to right-click the taskbar type and select the task manager process.

    Where Is The Autostart File In Windows 8?

    The pre-Windows 8 startup folder is under %AppData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms. which are the same despite Windows 7 and Windows Vista. On Windows 8, you must manually install it Create a shortcut to the startup file. 1. Open File Explorer.

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