What Causes A Samba Share In A Windows Domain And How To Fix It

What Causes A Samba Share In A Windows Domain And How To Fix It

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    In this guide, we describe some of the possible causes that might cause samba sharing on a Windows domain, and then we suggest possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

    samba share in windows domain

    Can Samba run on Windows?

    Samba is a free re-implementation of the SMB networking process originally developed by Andrew Tridgell. Samba provides file and log services to various Microsoft Windows users and can be integrated into a Microsoft Windows Server domain either as a dedicated domain controller (DC) or as a full domain member. Starting with version 4, Active Directory and Microsoft Windows NT domains are supported.

    Create A Shared FolderSamba

    1. The process of creating Give on Samba AD DC is a one-time and very simple task. First create the specific directory you want to share which is called by the SMB protocol and add the following permissions to the file system one by one to allow the Windows AD DC administrator account to change the appropriate permissions depending on which Windows clients with read/ access on record must see.

    Accessing A Samba Share

    Another use of Samba is to integrate into an existing Windows network system. Once Samba becomes part of an Active Directory domain, it will be able to provide file printing services to AD users. For more information on domain registration, see the SSSD plus Active Directory chapter of this guide.

    How do I connect Samba to Active Directory?

    In the Activity Directory Server (ADS) Samba security model appears as a web hosting server of a domain member in the ADS domain and therefore as clients Use Kerberos pricing for Active Directory authentication. she you need to configure kerberos and connect the server to your current domain, which creates the correct computer account for your server in relation to the domain controller.


    Samba is a tool best known for its ability to provide Windows send sharing functionality. for Linux/Unix platforms. You can downgrade a Samba file server with minimal effort and it will cost you very little. If you decide to buy one of the versions of Windows for computers connected to the Internet, would get at least a few thousand dollars in Windows licenses.

    Create A Share Using Server Manager. On A Windows Domain Controller

    Let’s start by creating Enjoy on our Windows domain controller, which we will later access from our company’s Linux client. I’ll take Windows Server 2012 R2 where I configured my AD to be installed on a server with our own File Server and File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) subroles. This gives you access to many additional configuration options in cases where a new share is created.

    Does Samba use Active Directory?

    Starting with version 4.0, Samba can function as a game controller (DC) for an Active Directory (AD) domain. If you are installing Samba in a production environment, it mentions that two or more domain controllers are running for failover reasons.

    After Installation

    UPDATE 2018 May 16: SSSD is down, consists of SAMBA ADS, and now generates our own image error below. For some reason I rewrote the manual when using winbind. The updated support below works in Fedora 35 and Fedora 28.

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    Samba-andel I Windows-domän
    Samba-Freigabe In Der Windows-Domäne
    Windows 도메인의 삼바 공유
    Partage Samba Dans Le Domaine Windows
    Compartilhamento Do Samba No Domínio Do Windows
    Samba Delen In Windows-domein
    Udostępnianie Samby W Domenie Windows
    Compartir Samba En El Dominio De Windows
    Доля Samba в домене Windows

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