Various Ways To Fix Fatal Errors During Obfuscation

Various Ways To Fix Fatal Errors During Obfuscation

Over the past few days, some users have reported a fatal error during obfuscation.

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    Hide JBuilder Errors With Dev 2005

    2005-11-02 03:02:24jbuilder12Tried it with many different apps, still the same error. I create a new application, go to File – New Application and follow the prompts. I choose Retrogurard for J2ME which shows up as obsfucaor by default. When I right click on the application and then select “I do” I always get the following error:standard outputInternal error: class must have parent and nameFatal obfuscation error, see log file for details.The log file information is copied and pasted below -# If this protocol is going to be used for a little obfuscation/patch generation,# Add all ‘.class’, ‘.method’, ‘.field’ and ‘.attribute’ constraints here:#-DO NOT-MODIFY-BELOW-THIS-LINE—–DO NOT-MODIFY-BELOW-THIS-LINE–## RetroGuard Bytecode Obfuscator, v1.1.13, by Retrologic of Systems – www.retrologic.Logfile com## created Tuesday, Nov 06 13:52:44 CST 2005## JAR file to hide automatically: InsertImage22.jar# Obfuscated target JAR file to get the code: InsertImage22.jar# Directory of used RetroGuard scripts: InsertImage22.rgs## Fatal error during obfuscation:#java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: string pointer out of bounds: starting at 0java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String exploring bounds: 0in java.lang.String.charAt( a.a.a.f. (source unknown)at a.a.a.p. (source unknown)to a.a.a.r.a (source unknown)at a.a.a.f.try (source unknown)in y.a.a.j.a (source unknown)at a.a.a.s.for (source unknown)to a.a.a.s.a (source unknown)on RetroGuard.a (source unknown)on RetroGuard.a (source unknown)at RetroGuard.main (source unknown)Please, I will help! I can’t hide a file using JBuilder Dev 2005thanks SueBUT

    Handling Obfuscation And Minimization In Android Crash Reporting

    We have previously learned how to capture all sources of errors on Android, such as caught exceptions and ANRs. Now our goal is to take responsibility for the confusing stack traces of minified Android software by downloading the ProGuard file association to help you with the bug reporting API.

    unrecoverable error during obfuscation

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    난독화 중 치명적인 오류를 수정하는 다양한 방법
    Varias Formas De Corregir Errores Fatales Durante La Ofuscación
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    Vari Modi Per Correggere Gli Errori Irreversibili Durante L’offuscamento
    Różne Sposoby Naprawienia Krytycznych Błędów Podczas Zaciemniania

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